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Seduced Straight Guy

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Her boyfriend brought his buddy around and his gf was too busy doing chores about the house to notice something was going on. Something really strange. She went to the bedroom to do some ironing and little did she know… continue reading »

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The party was drawing to a close and it was only the girl, her boyfriend, and their mutual friend, a big, muscled guy. They were having what felt like the last shots for the night, and pretty soon the girl… continue reading »

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She was about to go to a party at their friends, and of course her boyfriend was coming too. That was natural; what was a bit less natural is that he said they’d meet his best friend first and go… continue reading »

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What a romantic moment, making their vacation plans together! Things were going pretty sweet for the girl and her bf, and then his friend came around. She didn’t like him too much so she left on some errand. Her bf… continue reading »

Seduced Straight Guy

For a family, getting new stuff like a TV is usually a good thing. Not in this case though. The couple asked the husband’s best friend to help them carry the thing home. He seemed to be glad to help… continue reading »